Sam Reeve
love // fear
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This is my jam.

Played — 11,199 times
Trackname — For The First Time In Forever
Artist — Kristen Bell;Idina Menzel
Album — Frozen (Deluxe Edition) (CD1)
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As my two best friends and I start graduating college and moving on in life we wanted a tattoo to commemorate our friendship we have had since high school. We choose the arrows to represent that even though we go in different ways that we have something that ties us all other.

Done by Curtis Allyn at Tattooing U in Charlotte,NC on April 16th.
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"Because,’ she said, ‘when you’re scared but you still do it anyway, that’s brave."

Neil Gaiman (via serpenthes)

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thinking about life

5:45 in the morning, sleeping pattern truly messed up, that point in life; you know the ‘what are you gonna do with your future?’ point is fast approaching and so far I don’t fully understand the question

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